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Amelia. I tend to be an open book. Dreads in my hair & calluses on my fingers. Making music, writing stories, & art are what keep my brain functioning properly. Going on adventures has led to an extreme case of wanderlust. Half fairy. Anatomy positive. Kief queen. The macabre tickles my heartstrings.Come As You Are ♌
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Thought I was done,
thought I was through.
Done and through thinking about you.
I told myself long ago
that November would be the last of me to appease.
Yet I caved.
I saw you.
Your smile.
Toothy and generous.
Clever and cunning.
Conniving from clever.
Generous to monstrous.
This is dedicated to you.
Ripped away my baby flesh to expose a fulfillment.
A slaughter in which you bestowed upon my hips…
My mouth
and mind which fell for yours.
Your lips matched the color of my blood
which bled violet before you.
It hurts to cry because I know you lied.
You lied
when you said you missed me.
That you cared.
I know that now because you were never there.
For the longest time I haven’t cried
And I swear to God,
the one you don’t believe in…
that this will be the last time.



London airport, August 1965.

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Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.
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